The fast-paced world economy comes not just with opportunities but also with threats that pose unique challenges to organisations. Physical security has shifted focus from alarm systems, access controls and door locks to logical security-threat management, breach detection intrusion prevention. Our approach to physical security is to strengthen our clients' and their people from within. We not just provide the mentor-ship to combat but also on ground training and skills to make assets and human resources safe and secure. Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group provides risk mitigation strategies and implementation techniques to reduce risk to an acceptable level to our clients', lower the likelihood of compromise, loss of availability, or loss of integrity. Our focus is to implement a security program that balances security measures and safety concerns to the strategic goals of our clients' business operations.


Current state assessment

Identification of vulnerabilities and threats having direct or indirect impact on business interruption. We collaborate with our clients' and conduct a thorough internal audit, devised and inspected by our core team of experts and powered by data analytics focusing on protection of the physical layout of the premises, assessing CCTV coverage zones, employee safety and security, securing information and data management within our client's organisation and with third party vendors.


Risk Analysis

Our Risk Analysis phase identifies and analyses the metrics from our internal audit to formulate a customised risk mitigation plan depending on the level of threat and zones that are exposed to external and internal threat. We also derive critical insights and policy information from interviews with employees. Collation of these insights allows us to device a strategic customised security program to meet our clients’ needs and the industry's best practices.



The apt technical assistance for updation and improvement by SAIG's multi-speciality technical experts, selecting the most cost effective and durable products and services, vendor selection, due diligence of third party vendors and implementation of strategies for smooth transition, ensuring our client's technological operations within the company are up to date along with special attention given to mission critical equipment.


Installation & Testing

Our methodology is of a “performance - based approach” when measuring the physical security program. These metrics gauge how well the program is operating towards achieving the organisation’s objectives. Metrics identify acceptable levels of risk for the organisation through the use of inputs and output process measures. This data is used to make informed decisions to lower risk the most cost-effective methods.



SAIG team comprising of strategic risk mitigation specialists, Ex Indian Army Special Forces operatives and digital forensic experts provide strategic consulting and implementation plans depending on types and levels of risk that our clients' should accept, transfer, avoid or mitigate, along with a premium service offering of Business Continuity Management and Change Management for our clients' at critical geographical locations with a high threat levels.



Specialist advisory & Intervention group provides data analysis that is quick and accurate to the senior management from time to time. We utilise our capability to classify and analyse terabytes of data and aid our clients’ senior management to take timely and accurate decisions relating to the level of protection in their premises and amongst their people.