Counter Terrorism Advisory

Backed by years of experience in effectively handling some of the most challenging situations ranging from Industrial Disaster to Terrorist Attacks, our team has the capability and know how to operate in the most adverse conditions known to man.
SAIG leadership team is extensively trained in operating in hi-risk areas and combat zones specialising in incident management support, situational awareness and low-profile protection. SAIG team core competencies lie in building liaisons with locals and meticulously understand the cultural nuances of the geography to select the pertinent consulting and support team and to implement customised training programmes to our consultants and define proactive risk mitigation support. We administer appropriate support with our entrusted dedicated risk analysis team to conduct business practices without any harm and navigate safely in a dynamic, high risk environment. We analyse conflict and design conflict sensitive implementation strategies and facilitate discussion on sustainable and conflict sensitive programming. SAIG commits to justice and democratic values in practice by upholding transparency in relation to security decision making and also calibrate regional partnerships.
In our experience of providing operational support for almost a decade, we have successfully provided our consultancy expertise and deployed our protective consultants in close protection, guarding, rapid response teams, area surveillance and patrolling, remote site security, security of industrial plants and installations.



SAIG only deploys protective consultants from ex-military to subject matter experts who work together with our calibrated local relationships and design a situation sensitive protection programme.



SAIG critically supports our clients with reality-based military grade tactical and technical training solutions, to combat crime and terrorism with accurate preparation and protection against current evolving threats. Our meticulous process of identifying eminent threat with robust research and machine learning analysis aids our clients with training modules that deliver effective training for tactical defensive and offensive systems.


Technological Support

At SAIG we believe in constant evolution in technology. Our hardware and software subject matter experts in combination with our engineers strategise a solution that is optimised for risk management. We draw a closer connection between organisational objectives and their technology footprint. Our consultants use evidence based approaches to deliver advice that takes account of current market standards and emerging technologies, thereby streamlining the existing technological structure and upgrading it to future standards.


Travel & medical support

Our tactical team with situational awareness, provides low-profile protection and incident management support during our clients’ visits globally. The approach of tailored and pro-active risk management enables navigation more safely in a complex and constantly changing environments. We provide end to end protection to our clients by being pivotal in providing operational and analytical support for travel. Our team are trained by ex-military officials in tactical driving, and route selection in hostile environments. We consider travel booking and notification processes, checks and procedures for authorisation and sign off of high-risk travel, third party security provider coordination, reporting and response protocols, delivery of high-risk location information and training, and any other relevant factors. We also look at emergency response and evacuation policies and procedures, including the provision of both political and medical emergency response. Fulfilling our duty of care to travellers helps protect, reduce potential liabilities and safeguard personnel and reputation.