SAIG provides Protective Services to ensure safety and security of key executives and critical events such as business conferences, VIP gatherings, exhibitions and similar events where security is a concern. We work closely with our clients’ to provide the most discreet, highly effective protection. Our team of experts are drawn from the most elite military units such as the Indian Army Special Forces. Our field operatives are battle hardened with countless hours of live high risk operational experience in Land, Air and Sea. Their ability for predictive profiling to instinctively sense threat allows them to think miles ahead of the adversary. This ability ensures your safety and security even in the worst case scenario forming an invaluable asset as Executive Protection Officers, Consultants and Mentors. This team of battle hardened Special Forces Operatives and domain experts constantly device evolutionary strategies to battle the ever growing and evolving threat from adversaries to make your environment a safer place.

Our Executive and Event Protection Program includes but not limited to
  • Tactical & Technical
    Counter Surveillance
  • Pre-Travel
  • Vehicle Scrambling &
    Tactical Driving
  • Route Selection
  • Hotel Safety and
  • Crime Survival

  • Hostage Survival

  • Hijack Survival

Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group's Executive Protection Officers are less physically imposing but are far better prepared to identify threats before they materialise.
In contrast to the mythical muscle-bound bodyguard, SAIG's protection professional possesses the required soft skills such to exercise their duties with diplomacy and tact. They come from armed forces background, and understand that expectations are more than just brute force. Our Executive Protection Officers possess diverse skills, including emergency medical training, investigative training, counter-surveillance expertise, computer literacy and speak one or more languages. In addition to protecting the principal, they protect key executives in their office,home, while travelling and at special events.Their role is to supplement corporate security by providing responsive and dependable yet resourceful security risk management while remaining inconspicuous and sensitive to the culture of the C-Suite. While travelling our Executive Protection Officers are plugged in to our systems for back end research and support teams to provide real time changes. They are also equipped with mission ready GPS systems designed by Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group, customised to increase accuracy and maintain confidentiality.



Specialist Advisory & Intervention group along with due diligence team (research and on-ground) gather intelligence regarding private and public lifestyles. We also investigate how easily outsiders can get information about our clients' or their families.We familiarise ourselves by not only conducting a preliminary risk analysis but by also spending time to understand the need and areas of protection needed.



Only after carefully understanding expectations of security and business needs SAIG leadership team along with our ex armed forces operatives develop an Executive Protection Programme to be implemented and define the zones and levels of threat and protection needed.



Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group considers it imperative to brief and de-brief our principal and family for their approvals for the protection deployment with all its features and coverages highlighted. We operate with maintaining absolute discretion and only with full support of our clients' and the key executives.



Our strength lies in harnessing the capabilities and wisdom of our foundation of Special Forces officers/Operatives to offer a methodical approach that fully examines every critical area of an executive’s security environment: the office, the residence and local and out of town travel. Our efficiency lies in developing a fully-customised solution to address the circumstances, ranging from the routine to the unusual to the highly complex. Our advisory staff at our operation centres are trained to use the latest technology to track the status of ongoing engagements and urgent service requests minute-by-minute as well as to co-ordinate emergency response requests received from around the world. At SAIG we constantly monitor the ever changing risk environment of the world and have realised from our experience the importance of an evolving Executive Protection Programme.



The reputations of highly prominent leaders of organisations are intricately inked to those of the brands they evangelise and shepherd. Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group believes in including reputation alongside physical security, when designing and implementing our executive protection programs. We help analyse digital media presence with data mining and analysing techniques to cater to any reputation hazard that might cause any threat to our principal or his or her family. We understand potential reputation risks and mitigate these in a timely way through effective procedures, enabling us to pre-empt, rather than react to assaults reputation. We incorporate intelligence analysis specifically targeting threats to reputations and brands as a necessary component of our Executive Protection Programmes.