Social Intelligence

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Delivering True Actionable Real-Time Intelligence

SAIG's Knowledge Ark platform powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies empowers you with real-time insights derived from innumerable online data sources to provide actionable intelligence combined with intuitive and customized dashboards. Our experience in risk management bolstered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning makes Social Intelligence with Knowledge Ark a seamless and integrated Corporate Intelligence platform providing a holistic perspective of an organization’s digital footprint.

Social Analysis

Our Social Intelligence provides you with the capability to make strategic-live decisions with enhanced speed and accuracy. Knowledge Ark dives beyond social media to track discussions on online news sites, blogs, forums, offline databases in real-time. Integrated with Sentiment Analysis, Influencer Identification, Audience Demographics, Image Recognition with visual listening and language independent. Our Unique combination of top end AI driven technologies makes intelligence gathering quick and straight forward. Our AI technologies and Intelligence Analysts come together to provide tailored dashboards, that are unique for each client with thorough analysis, risk assessment and predictive indicators for anticipated risks in the near future.

Digital Investigation

SAIG’s core team consists of solution architects, certified digital forensic investigators and analysts, legal and compliance experts, data science experts with OSINT capabilities and incident response teams. Discover how insights drawn from social analysis combines with the creative intelligence at SAIG to deliver game changing actionable intelligence through AI powered Military Grade techniques and processes. Social intelligence will provide an edge in litigation, threat assessment, IPR violation, augmenting intelligence for security forces, averting or identifying internal or external sabotage, executive and event protection, corporate investigation and due diligence.

Key Service Offerings

  • Reputation

    Sense, assess and shape public perceptions, combat reputation sabotage through timely intervention providing flawless security to the brand.

  • Competitor

    Measure the share of voice, sentiment of customer base, strengths and weakness in a comparative analytical manner with current and potential competitors and improve consumer experience.

  • Brand

    Holistic understanding of the brand assets and brand loyalty through live vigilant comparative monitoring of brand health via proven KPIs to achieve 360 degree protection of the brand.

  • Market
    & Trend

    Sensitise yourself to everchanging market trends, identify signals, scrutinize decision vectors, strategize in real time and stay ahead.

  • Crisis

    Be foresighted, prevent spiralling and prepare with critical, timely, actionable intelligence which is language independent, providing unhindered information flow segregated on the basis of priority, relevance and region and a robust alerting system.

  • Risk

    Improve situational awareness through real time feed from our Global sensor network, numerous data points to strategically assess and eliminate blind curves.

  • Threat

    Detect signals, assort data, drill down into layers and draw patterns to identify and prioritize threat to enhance live strategic decision-making capabilities. Use geospatial data from multiple sources and integrate into dashboards.

  • Travel

    Assessment of Geo-locations to mitigate risks, area analysis and real-time signals for executive protection teams, supply chains and moving assets to reduce response time and disruption.

  • Due

    Empower yourself with intelligence to avert frauds, dig deeper into the subject matter to understand its network, affiliation, inclination and authenticity to filter fact from fiction.

  • Intellectual

    Detect and deter violations through our AI powered search capabilities, with powerful visual search for pictures and videos with historical analysis, understand the reach and virality, conduct behaviour analysis to identify potential violators.

  • Sensitive

    Identify data leakage or confidential data theft associated with your organisation from millions of sources including dark web, zero in on culprits and identify potential leakers to ensure data integrity.

  • Design

    Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive visual listening technology to detect design leaks and its perpetrators, their reach, network, behaviour and virality of content.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition

Data Sources


Media, Print Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television

Social Media

Social media platforms, Blogs, Discussion groups, YouTube


Public Government Data, Reports, Budgets, Hearings, Telephone Directories, Press Conferences.


Professional and Academic Publications, Journals, Conferences, Academic Papers, Dissertations,Theses


Commercial Data, Commercial Imagery, Financial and Industrial Assessments, Databases


Grey Literature, Technical Reports, Preprints, Patents, Working Papers, Business Documents

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