Cyber Intelligence

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SAIG understands the importance of cyber security and the need to mitigate, respond and remediate the risks that are posed in the cyber domain. Cyber Risks have evolved in potential from an IT infrastructural risk to a business continuity risk. These Risks are not universal and most of them are dynamic requiring tailor made solutions. We combine the cognizance of our expert analyst and AI powered technologies to deliver customised cyber defence strategy and remediations to mitigate new age threats. It is pertinent to adapt one’s strategies to new age threats and adopt cutting edge technologies to protect assets. Therefore, we enable a smooth transition of your organisation’s cyber security strategies in tune to the current threat landscape. Our decade long expertise in risk mitigation and strategy helps us to foresee problems and crises in multiple dimensions even before it becomes a reality.

Cyber Defence

SAIG's AI Powered Cyber Defence is a tailor-made defence strategy devised through threat modelling, by electronic warfare specialists, that addresses the threats posed in the era of disruptive technologies. It is just a matter of time for new age threats to become the new normal, endangering business continuity and questioning the effectiveness of existing cyber defence strategy. We address the indispensable need to rebalance strategies to changing times and evolving threats. Our strategies enable you to transcend your Cyber Defence capacities for the worst-case scenario, Offensive AI.

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Cyber Intelligence

SAIG’s Cyber intelligence involves active reconnaissance for offensive intelligence gathering and vital remediation utilising offensive AI. It provides guidance to cyber defence strategies through assessment techniques and extensive listening capabilities in surface web, deep web and dark web. We strongly believe that risk in the cyber domain is a mere extension of the physical world enabling our analysts to decipher the threat factors, prioritise and coordinate an adept response. Our battle-hardened analysts and investigators combined with AI powered automated technologies makes response, remediation and recovery, precise, formidable and swift.

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Key Services

Next-Generation Firewall Security

The cyber-attacks have evolved in terms of sophistication and potential to be defended by the traditional firewall. The Next-Gen Firewall is capable of real-time detection with deep packet inspection, abnormal behaviour detection using pattern analysis and enhanced threat correlation analytics which helps to block and neutralise even zero-day attacks.

Next-Gen Network Detecion & Response
Next-Generation Network Detection & Response

Malware attacks and other cyber-crimes are rapidly increasing. Adopting and transitioning to AI Powered Next-Gen NDR technologies bolsters the organisations security posture. Through improved detection of suspicious DNS & SSL traffic with automated monitoring, identify exposure to hidden threat with historical threat activity and enhance the threat hunting.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Being the weakest link in the network architecture, it is highly vulnerable and time consuming when it comes to monitoring and investigation. SAIG’s Automated EDR with extended capabilities for AI driven malware prevention, root cause analysis, and exploit protection provides a complete visibility of the organisation endpoints and reduces response time.

Insider Threat Detection

Insider threat is challenging since one cannot employ traditional strategies. SAIG provides machine learning backed solutions to perform analysis on a diverse set of user, systems, applications and security events related data. Identify abnormal behaviours, improve visibility and streamline insights to understand the intent and extent of the threat and mitigate them.


IoT is bringing a large number of devices into the digital domain, which in turn generates a large volume of data. The organisation finds it very difficult to analyse this data and to get insights in real-time, furthering the scope of vulnerability. SAIG’s integrated, proactive defence strategy and AI-powered technology effectively tackle this new age threat.

Incident Response

Incident Response aims to reduce the damage caused by cyber-attacks and recover as quickly as possible. Traditional security approach may fail to detect complex or unknown attacks. SAIG’s AI-powered solutions and electronic warfare specialists combine to make response and remediation quick and effective.

Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure Assessment will provide a complete picture of vulnerabilities ranging from on-premises to cloud assets, and generate risk reports with detailed remediation, mitigation steps to prevent a future attack through continuous monitoring. Every organization must identify and patch gaps, weakness or vulnerability before the attacker identifies and exploits.

Infrastructure Monitoring

An Infrastructure monitoring platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, enabling organisations to monitor, identify and diagnose the problems across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments automatically with continuous auto-discovery of the host, virtual machines, network devices and end-points. Ensuring faster detection and diagnose to ensure seamless business operations without interruptions.

Network Infrastructure Design & Integration

Transform your network and optimise it with the right technology and expert guidance. Select and integrate precise, optimal and cost-efficient technologies to suit your corporate needs to tackle new-age threats. Our team secures your business with seamless integration, monitoring and technical assistance.

Key Services

Active Reconnaissance

A formidable service exercised by electronic warfare experts that enables strategy, remediation and offensive intelligence gathering.

Penetration Testing

Integral to our threat modelling process, it identifies the dynamics of intrusion and weak spots in the infrastructure.

Anti-Social Engineering

Expert Advisory by electronic warfare specialists for organisations, to prevent employees from falling prey to the latest methodologies of cybercriminals.

Protection Suite

A holistic coverage for high net worth individuals, stakeholders and their families using state of the art technologies ensuring protection and privacy in the cyber domain.

Digital footprint Analysis

Identify the digital trails that act as vulnerability and eliminating them to reduce risks. Auditing the exposure of sensitive organisational data through reconnaissance using machine assisted technologies.

Deep web & Dark web Monitoring

SAIG’s Bespoke purpose-built AI engine, Knowledge Ark scans Deep & Dark web collects and collates vital intelligence to identify indicators of concern.

Behaviour Analytics

We are combining Big Data, machine learning and our military-grade analytical capacity to understand human intent in attacks through pattern identification and cognitive psychology.


A new age threat addressed by SAIG, often unnoticed but highly detrimental if left unaddressed, as it holds potential to corrupt autonomous cyber defence systems.

Data Sources

Data Breaches

Gathers compromised sensitive information concerning privacy, credentials, medical history etc from the surface, deep and dark web.

Online Repositories

A vast array of interlinked information that provides critical intelligence relating to personal and professional data.


De-anonymized financial intelligence backed by trail information for fraud detection, anti- money laundering and terror funding investigations.

Reverse Malware Analysis

Helps to understand the potential of a malware, decipher loopholes in the current security infrastructure and reduce vulnerability.


Valuable insights can be obtained from the logs generated from firewalls, router, IDS/IPS, switches, end point, access points, UPS and IoT devices.

Social Media

Gathers critical publicly available information to analyse behaviour of attackers and suspected criminals.