Specialist Advisory & Intervention Group partners and develops tactical plans for accepting and implementing the vision of change. We empower organisations with a guiding map to implement change successfully by anchoring new approaches in the culture. We understand that bringing the organisation to accept new levels of change has been a constant challenge and hence move beyond training modules and bridge the gap between the knowledge of the concept and the ability to accept change and align change management goals with strategic objectives of our clients’ organisation. We work with our clients’ to prepare, plan, implement and sustain the change. We back our change management processes with definitive goals and strategies along with an accurate measuring system for developing the necessary adjustments.

  • Current and Future
    State Assessment

    Understanding the goals and vision of the organisation and defining measurable stakeholder aims

  • Strategic Roadmaps
    for implementing

    Tactical and accurate roadmaps to achieve desired future state

  • Effective

    Establishing effective communication mechanisms between advisors stakeholders and employees

  • Problem Definitions

    Risk Analysis & Addressing fundamental and critical challenges

  • Metric Definition

    Defining yardsticks to assess activities and milestones

  • Deployment Support

    Training and workshops for implementation of new strategies

  • Health Check

    Conduct monthly/quarterly health checks

  • Annual Review

    Review deployment plan for contingencies and improvements.